Testing Services

iCare Infosystems's testing service will allow you to deliver great customer experience by testing you application ensure it performs as your customers expect.

Our testing services offering helps you maximise your return on investment and chances of your project success.

Our service offerings:

Facilitated User Acceptance Testing : There is often confusing for the client to understand what resources they would need to complete UAT, which usually the final step before the product release. We can guide and facilitate effective UAT by using our testing expertise and your domain knowledge ensuring success and achieving the right outcomes.

Functional Testing: We use manual testing, automated testing & scripted testing methods to ensure that your system works exactly the way you and your customers want. We endeavour to identify undetected defects and assist you in eliminating the risk of these defects being experienced by your customers.

Test Automation: We use our in depth experience and pragmatism to advice you on when you would need to automate parts of testing and when you should not.We can advice on the right tool and how to improve quality of testing and also on building an automated framework to help you realise the benefits from automated testing.

Performance Monitoring: As a customer you are always interested in knowing in real-time how your system is performing and whether there are any issues which you can proactively address before your customer finds out.

We offer performance monitoring & testing whereby we will,

And provide you key performance metrics which to tell you the health of if your IT infrastructure and also highlight potential areas you may want to look into to mitigate potential risks.

Performance Testing: We make sure your system meets your performance targets as failure can lead to loss of revenue, damage to your brand image and much more.

We can performance test

Test Management : Our approach consists of following phases:

The way we work is synchronous to our values of honestly integrity and open communications, which means we build productive relationships with you and work with your company culture and existing process to tailor make the right solution and service.
It is always better to test your application with us and not your customers.Contact us for more information.